BRI002 - Havana Brown Mix and Match Snaffle Bridle - All English Disciplines - Custom Built Bridles

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    We offer two width sizes in our cheekpieces. The 4/8th option is recommended for ponies and horses with finer heads or those looking for a more refined look. The 5/8th width is the standard size

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          BRI002 - Havana Brown Mix and Match Snaffle Bridle - All English Disciplines

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          BRI002 - Havana Brown Mix and Match Snaffle Bridle - All English Disciplines

          Price as configured: US$1.06

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          Every horse is different why should every bridle be the same?

          Flexible Fit Equestrian is revolutionising the way bridles are purchased. We allow our customers the unique opportunity of mixing and matching the size of each piece of the bridle as well as choosing from a wide selection of noseband and browband options.

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          Price as configured: US$1.06

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          We have designed all of our bridle ranges around the concept of comfort for the horse.

          Our gel padded snaffle ranges offer a padded headpiece that has one singular strap therefore reducing pressure on the horses’ poll. It is anatomically designed to cutaway at the horses’ ear to give it more freedom.

          All of our bridles have double buckle sides. This means each component, the noseband, cheekpiece and throat lash do up on both sides of the horses head. This allows for a much more even fit, and makes the bridle more adaptable. This is especially helpful if you use the same bridle on more than one horse.

          Our nosebands all have the ability to remove the flash and our converter nosebands allow for the flash and tab to be completely removed and converts the noseband to a straight cavesson. This is especially helpful as your horse moves through the training levels and may require the flash at different times. It also allows people whose horse does not require a flash at all to have a smooth noseband with no tab.

          All of the nosebands have gel padding and we have many anatomical designs.

          The Gel range is made from the finest quality vegetable tanned English Leather. The leather is tanned in the UK. All of our bridles are handmade and stitched at 10 stitches per inch making them very hardwearing.

          How it works. Click build your interactive bridle tab above. This takes you to a page where you can name and select the colour and markings of your horse.

          Hit Next or browbands and you can then try on all of the browbands on the horse head. Click nosebands and you can start trying on nosebands with the browbands. To change browband and noseband selections simply click on each tab and you can go back and forth.

          Our price range starts with a plain bridle and no reins. Our maximum price is a Swarovski browband and extra wide noseband with padded leather reins with many price points in between.

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